Nordbot’s misleading range packs recently introduced another item to their catalogue – range packs.

These 10s4p are supposedly connected in parallel to the existing 10s6p battery in Max to provide extended range. However the estimated ranges, and other related cell parameters are simply bogus.

ULTRA Range pack, consisting of 40pcs Sanyo NCR18650GA is rated as 14Ah. This is untrue, as demonstrated by For this cell in particular, at 3A (1C) load, the typical capacity is 3200mAh, 11.35Wh

So the maximum pack capacity is 454Wh or 12.8Ah.

Further more, the estimated range figure is presented as follows:

58.58km of additional range. Since we now know the pack’s energy contents (454Wh), it’s possible to conclude that this extra range assumes 7.75Wh/km of scooter efficiency. This is simply not realistic. As demonstrated below, the typical figures for Xiaomi and Ninebot scooters are between 10-20Wh/km depending on terrain and rider’s weight:

In the above examples, approx. 16Wh/km was concluded as average, for flat terrain and 80-90kg rider. Twice the figure is claiming. Real expected range for this pack would be 28km.

SCOUT range extension claims to use Samsung 25R cells, which are 8.6Wh at 3A as seen on

That’d be 344Wh or 9.64Ah for 10s4p pack. Range figure shown here is 41.84km – 8.22Wh/km assumed. Real expected range for this pack would be 21.5km.

Finally, the most ‘affordable’ of them all, LITE range pack, uses cells of unknown origin, rated at 2Ah, 8Ah at 10s4p, but the included datasheet does not specify recommended or maximum currents. As such, the 288Wh claim cannot be independently verified as of now, however the range figure is still calculated from the same unrealistic base – expect ranges around 14-18km.

In conclusion, there is no indication that these packs will come with advertised cells, as was illustrated before. Potential buyers are highly discouraged from considering purchase, and instead seek such packs from reputable sources, utilizing genuine cells, and realistic expectations.


    1. NordBot est une arnaque. Ses batteries sont des contrefaçons vendues beaucoup trop chères. Il est connu pour pratiques malhonnêtes: ne pas acheter!

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