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We are making Nordbot’s various scams public including

Battery scam, Parts Drop shipping and Fake Copyright strikes

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  • We look into a Current generation NordBot Battery and if its worth the cost

About Us:

We are seeking that Carter Davis quits selling his products through his website or becomes honest about what he is selling. At the same time his outrageous claims and abusive administration on the “Segway Ninebot Max” group should cease. His other groups are just a massive advertising campaign and not focused on the community. He has a record of banning people, prohibiting other links or sources of the same parts, as this way,he does not receive any revenue – most of his items are just drop shipped thru Alibaba/Aliexpress and he takes a cut.

We are just a few community members who have been ripped off compiling from various people and sources.

Unfortunately due to running costs i have had to monetize the site i wouldn’t normally do this but its just to cover some costs.