Customer has sent us photos and a video of him disassembling a Nordbot 48v Battery. Previously Carter (Nordbot) claimed that we had a “Counterfeit” Battery however we have confirmed the purchase with receipt and the battery matches his authenticity report.

Scooter received with Nordbot pack installed non functional

Battery teardown video uncut with nordbot branding matching what he describes as a genuine battery

As we can see the 10th cell bank is completely dead

Batteries have been poorly assembled with reused nickel strips on the batteries indicating they are NOT brand new but re-used with no visible branding or labeling.

Nordbot Claims they are GENUINE Sanyo cells however these cells are definitely not what he claims.

Customer tried to reach out to Nordbot for assistance as a paying customer but he blatantly blocked him from all his Facebook groups and ignored his messages “Bait and switch scam”.


  1. He has a new Instagram account promoting music, seems that he has botted the followers because he’s been losing about a 1000 a day and his likes don’t match up at all.

    Instagram is ilynord

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