Nordbot uses his position administrating the “Segway Ninebot Max” Facebook group a point of power to censor any bad reviews or issues raised about his ethical and legal issues.

Carter Davis is dishonest and doesn’t care about the community and seeks making a profit to fund himself when less experienced people who are looking for an upgrade are unknowingly purchasing a dangerous item.

We have had a few people who have purchased his items or participated in his Facebook group email sharing their stories.

The main reports we have received and have authenticated to the best of our ability.

  • Deleting posts and blocking users who mention failure of his battery pack when used as intended.
  • Misuse of intellectual property to sell his product (Using someone’s video of Star delta modification)
  • Threats of legal action when posting about competitor products and issuing false copyright notices.
  • Fake invoices to show purchase of “Genuine” cells using a generic online invoice creator.
  • Bribing Facebook users into shilling his product for financial gain. (Brian Patrick Rice)