Nordbot Scam batteries

Nordbot has been selling his battery packs as “Sanyo/Panasonic” batteries a recent customer purchased his product and found GENERIC chinese cells which is not the premium promised on his website.

Update 1: Nordbot has claimed this unit is Not authentic the buyer has provided me with an official invoice and PayPal receipt below is an image of the packaging and packing material box looks to have shipped from a contracted supplier of cheap cells. Charging brick also looks of average quality.

Update 2: Nord has posted fake invoices sanyo doesn’t sell directly to customers and cells would come directly from a Wholesaler as sanyo would sell their cells by the pallet /millions to wholesalers, See here to get a in-depth analysis into his fake invoice.

Want to get a safe and high quality pack? have a look

LittoKalla battery’s in the top right LittoKalla are known for selling Fake cells and are generally untrusted. More evidence against his “red” packs which are apparently also the same on the inside as the Blue packs.
Latest Find is that any photos he provides of his cells are in his house/workshop NOT in the factory in china. More evidence of his dishonesty about his product.
Content of a delivery from Nordbot
Destruction of scooters and failing to provide warranty.
When he claims it is not “Genuine” packs look very similar just a shrink wrap change since the change which leads to it being the same just a changed colour.


  1. I have only had one conversation with this company. It was about the fork they sell on their site that they advertise it runs on oil for. They sell it for $ 130 while I have the same for € 30 on Ali express but without oil, just springs. I had therefore asked them for more details on this fork, explaining to them that in mine there was no oil… He had replied that it was an error on the page of their site… But on the day of ‘today this fork still appears on their page as having oil! It took away all my confidence and at the same time made me unwilling to buy them a battery !!!

  2. I’ve actually been scammed by this guy way back in October last year. His YouTube video promised speed increase, but then what I received never worked right, and he never bothered to respond or help… I did a charge back on my card claiming I was scammed. Thankfully my bank reversed the funds, but then he had no problem contacting me again blaming me for stealing his product. I have not opened the battery pack but I’m almost sure the batteries aren’t name brand as he promises otherwise they would work. Never again. Fuck you Nordium/Carter, you fucking sheisty asshole

  3. Vor einem halben Jahr gekauft, nach etwa 3 Monaten eingebaut, heute wieder ausgebaut(nach Kurzschluss am Ladegerät) und dabei festgestellt das es doch die billigen Akkus aus China sind.(Musste die magenta/rote Folie lösen um den Akku aus dem Scooter zu bekommen) Einziges positives 48V. Allein der minderwertige Ladeanschluss zeigt schon das es keine hochwertigen Komponenten enthalten kann.
    Alle anderen Angaben des Vertreibes stimmten vorne und hinten schon nicht. Ebenso werden deine Daten an Dritte weiter gegeben.

  4. Hey
    I bought a Carter nordium online store with a 48v upgraded battery and a gen2 engine as well as a charger for it. the charger broke after a couple of charges. i have been trying to get in touch with carter nordium but he is blocking me everywhere i put him
    message. the latest Segway ninebot max group Facebook

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