Nordbot Lies and Deception

Nordbot about 2 months ago changed his website that reads:

Blowout Sale!

Due to the increasing scarcity of spare parts and the raw materials we require to manufacture our battery products, we will not be restocking any of our current products in the future.

All available inventory is still available for purchase at the best possible price on our website until supplies run out.

He has now removed this banner and is still selling stock as a response to our post about his battery teardown that proved our case that his batteries are FAKE. He has now removed this banner showing he is a unreliable and shady seller.

There is no shortage of 18650 cells you can still get them but they are at a higher price but it has been like this for more than a year with supply steadily improving.

He was using this message to send a message of “Urgency” so people would buy his battery without doing the appropriate recearch and “Panic Buying”

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