48V Battery upgrade Guide

This guide is how to buy or source the parts for your own 48v battery upgrade.

First option is to buy – there are a few sellers we can recommend, however due to the cost of 18650 li-ion cells, it is quite expensive option and shipping is usually specialized as a result of the cells not being allowed on airplanes without special approval.

In your local area some sellers may build their own packs to order, make sure to specify a certain brand of cell such as LG or Samsung and if they are recycled/reused ask for a capacity test.

In the list below, you can find suitable cell models for use in scooters:

BrandModelReal capacitySuitability
LGM262600mAhOK, low capacity (Same Cells found in NB ESx Batteries)
SanyoNCR18650B3100mAhOK, low current
SanyoNCR18650A2900mAhOK, low current
SanyoNCR18650PF2700mAhOK, low capacity
SamsungINR18650-29e2700mAhOnly suitable for 5p and above

MyMaxMods is an American builder, he ships globally and offers many kinds of packs the prices are reasonable as the packs are hand assembled in USA and come with genuine cells that are brand new and should last a long time. His “External” pack are good for newer scooters with low cycles and the internal is for the most discrete install good for older scooters or ex rental conversions.

We have evidence from a independent buyer who posted photos of the internal cells being as advertised

  • External 48v (Compatible with Both G30LP and G30P/D!
  • Internal 48v (Only Compatible on G30 /P/D)

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