Nordium Stealing content

In this case a community member has seen his content (a video) on his website he did not authorize him to use the content and asked him to remove.

Screenshot in question with the speed “53kmh” shown on a G30D which is only sold in Germany. Nordium lives in the United States. The offending clip has since been removed but his poor communication skills to the original content holder is discussing and doesn’t reflect well on the rest of the G30 Community

Below is the original video where the content was copied from.


  1. The comment that the G30D is only in Germany, is false. The G30D was created for the Rideshare market. Before the Max 2.2 and 2.3, the G30D was anywhere Spin operated the Max model.
    The model is all over the United States.

    1. G30D was just a version for the German market as they require special certification such as eKFV and VIN plate rentals dont have these. Some other markets in Europe get the D variant but not much outside of there

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