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Let’s check some of Nord’s prices against Aliexpress:

It is not implied here that private sellers cannot make profit, but that the resell value of those items matches their Aliexpress price, and this should be reflected in the seller’s margin. Still, over 6 times the value is requested for 48V LCD display, without anything being added. Furthermore, it has been implied by buyers that some items from are of questionable quality.

Warranties quite often are ignored and if that person posts publicly they will get banned by one of his friends for “spreading misinformation” when you sell a product at a markup a decent service should be provided


  1. i started the whole shit on various groups and pushed it!

    that son of a gun!

    i still visit him when i check out the states!!
    he blocked my IP xD

    and he send me a monorim without the MOST IMPORTANT SCREW

  2. It is obvious from first look at his prices, that he is charging stupid amounts.

    I dont know why anyone would buy from him. After my first look months ago I just wouldn’t consider ever buying from him.

    That said, there is no point complaining about the prices, when a quick search on the internet can find MUCH better prices for the same stuff elsewhere.

    HOWEVER, if he is using poor battery cells and making false claims, then that is a different matter and certainly something to highlight and good that you are doing it.

    His prices maybe stupid, but if people are stupid enough to pay them, more fool them.

    Caveat Emptor!!!

    1. Yo! I’ve been digging around after finding out about his store. I want to put in some suspension on my max. I think I found the same rear unit he sells for literally less than half the price on aliexpress. Think it’s the same? Is he just making moves, gripping items from there and doubling the cost?

      1. Most of the parts are drop shipped from aliexpress or alibaba he will have agreements with shipping prices. The front suspension he sells is of the low quality variety and many reviewers have said its not every effective. Personally i dont run any suspesion but i am looking at Sharkset as it has some very good reviews

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