Nordbot Invoice analysis

Here is an analysis of some invoices provided by Nordbot to make it seem like he is purchasing these cells. We have many reasons to believe these invoices are FAKE and have been made using an online tool.

First point of interest is the Dates Invoice ID and Addresses/Billing addresses, For an order of this quantity there would have to be a real Business address listed Nord is evading tax and doesnt have a real business registered which would explain this. The Invoice id is a joke and clearly looks like a mistake that should have been removed. The Date on the invoice is the 1st of August 2020 however the document was CREATED on the 4/3/2021 making the document very new and probably a response to our recent posts. see below

The date has been falsified as the PDF provided was created on the 4/3/2021 the same day this was posted.

Next point of interest is the document looks to have been edited as there are impurities on the document below the Qty and rate line there is a new line suggesting it has been tampered with badly possibly with a photo editor.

Nordium claims his facility has over 5000 people in it this is the address on the invoice “Ship to:” it is a very small facility for 5000 people and suspect its a random address. As we have evidence of him using LittoKallas factory.

Last point is Sanyo would never sell to a directly to a customer as generally they focus on large wholesale deliveries by the pallet and a genuine customer would purchase Customer -> Wholesaler -> Sanyo unless the Quantity was in the Hundreds of thousands of cells or by the pallet 39000 cells is not enough for sale from most large electronics manufacturers.

The Chinese text at the bottom is the same on both documents and translates to :

“”Delivery acceptance has been arranged. The consignee must coordinate on August 7. This invoice shall not be duplicated in any case where the original agreement is not retained.”

Original files Mirrored incase of removal:

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