Nordbot’s misleading range packs recently introduced another item to their catalogue – range packs. These 10s4p are supposedly connected in parallel to the existing 10s6p battery in Max to provide extended range. However the estimated ranges, and other related cell parameters are simply bogus. ULTRA Range pack, consisting of 40pcs Sanyo NCR18650GA is rated as 14Ah. This is… Continue reading Nordbot’s misleading range packs

Nordbot’s Incorrect FW Speed

Carter recently published new custom firmware for Ninebot G30, titled “No Power Limit(Advanced)”, intended for 36V stock G30. In spite of replacing all relevant information in “params.txt” with irrelevant “NordBot BLD 3192021”, params.json remained untouched, and revealed that the speed is artificially inflated by patching larger wheel diameter. The same was observed in the “113kg”… Continue reading Nordbot’s Incorrect FW Speed

Nordbot Invoice analysis

Here is an analysis of some invoices provided by Nordbot to make it seem like he is purchasing these cells. We have many reasons to believe these invoices are FAKE and have been made using an online tool. First point of interest is the Dates Invoice ID and Addresses/Billing addresses, For an order of this… Continue reading Nordbot Invoice analysis

48V Battery upgrade Guide

This guide is how to buy or source the parts for your own 48v battery upgrade. First option is to buy – there are a few sellers we can recommend, however due to the cost of 18650 li-ion cells, it is quite expensive option and shipping is usually specialized as a result of the cells… Continue reading 48V Battery upgrade Guide price check

Let’s check some of Nord’s prices against Aliexpress: It is not implied here that private sellers cannot make profit, but that the resell value of those items matches their Aliexpress price, and this should be reflected in the seller’s margin. Still, over 6 times the value is requested for 48V LCD display, without anything being… Continue reading price check

Nordbot Scam batteries

Nordbot has been selling his battery packs as “Sanyo/Panasonic” batteries a recent customer purchased his product and found GENERIC chinese cells which is not the premium promised on his website. Update 1: Nordbot has claimed this unit is Not authentic the buyer has provided me with an official invoice and PayPal receipt below is an… Continue reading Nordbot Scam batteries